Parks to Visit in San Mateo County

If you’re interested in moving to San Mateo County, or already live there and need something fun to do this weekend, I’ve got a list of local parks for you to check out. Everything from horseback riding and hiking to picnicking and playgrounds, this beautiful area of California has it all. Below are my six favorite parks that I think has something for everyone young and old to enjoy.

San Mateo County is known for its hilly hiking trails, but Edgewood Park offers a different view. You can hike and picnic in a sprawling 467 acre grasslands with forested areas dotted throughout. On a sunny day, you can see the expansive blue sky above, uninterrupted. Be sure to bring your camera!

Not only does Huddart Park include BBQ pits for a family Saturday afternoon out, there’s mountain hiking as well. Even better, the trails will take you by some beautiful gulch scenery and give you the opportunity for some sightseeing you can’t find anywhere else in San Mateo County.

There are a few places to see the Redwood trees, and Memorial Park is the by far the best. This 673 acre redwood forest is the place to go for hiking, camping, and even creek swimming. And be sure to stop into the visitor center to get maps, animal info, and ask any questions you may have before you start your adventure.

If you have smaller children that you need to keep occupied for an afternoon, Moss Beach Park may be what you’re looking for. It’s a playground area that features a community popular pirate ship. There are also swings, slides, and a section specifically for toddlers to play.

And here’s the park on the list for all you horse owners out there. The fields, knolls, forests, and ridges of Sam McDonald Park are perfect for equestrian riding. You can even see the Pacific Ocean from this luscious park area, so add this to your schedule for sure.

Originally owned by Martin Wunderlich and used as the Folger family ranch, this park offers access to historic stables kept in amazing condition. There is also a highly extensive collection of trails for either hikers or horseback riders. And after your walk or ride, take a seat at the picnic tables for a late lunch.

As you can see, there’s a park for everyone. No matter your age or hobbies, San Mateo County is a dream place for exploring the outdoors. And if you haven’t moved here yet, I hope this article has given you one more reason to consider this wonderful area of California. Whatever you’re looking for, we have it all.
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