5 Things You Can Do at the Local Humane Society

Whether you’re looking to move to San Mateo County, or have lived here for years, there’s always new places to explore and find. One of those places that I’d like to bring your attention to today is the Peninsula Humane Society. They have two readily accessible locations in San Mateo County and are ready to welcome you through their doors. But do you know what exactly you can do there? I bet some of these will surprise you!

1. Adopt a Pet
This is probably the most obvious on this list. But, do you know what kind of animals can you welcome into your family here? Besides the wide array of cats and dogs, they have some other unique critters as well. It’s not uncommon to find bunnies, rabbits, pigeons, snakes, lizards, parakeets and more. There’s something for everyone here.

2. Foster a Pet
If you have room in your home, but aren’t quite looking for a permanent commitment to a furry friend, there’s an option for. Animals that have gone through vet and behavioural checks, but are not quite ready for adoption, need loving foster homes. You help train the animals and provide a stress free environment to get used to people. And before you know it they’ll be on their way to a forever home.

3. Take Obedience Classes
Clearly we don’t mean you yourself take obedience classes here. But if you own a dog, no matter big or small, this is the place for them. Any level of obedience can be brought here to learn. By the time your four legged pal is back home, you’ll be amazed at how relaxed and attentive they can be. It may take a few lessons, but it’s a great bonding opportunity for everyone involved.

4. Get Pets Vaccinated
If your dog is in need of regular vaccinations, keep an eye on the Peninsula Humane Society’s calendar of events. They occasionally host low cost vaccinations clinics. This is the time to get shots for rabies, canine distemper, DFPP, and even more. It’s a great way to protect your dog’s health without having to break the bank. And you get to support a great group of workers at the same time. It doesn’t get better than that.

5. Volunteer
Sometimes, it’s not just about what an organization can do for you. But what you can do for the organization. Take a free Saturday once a month and volunteer your time at the Peninsula Humane Society. You’ll help connect loving animals to forever homes and connect searching families with the pets of their dreams. It’s a rewarding opportunity and no one can say they regret giving their time.

Look at that list! That’s quite a bit you can do in one place. How many more secret treasure troves of services are out there in San Mateo County? We’ll just have to keep searching to find out. Comment below to tell us your favorite service at the Peninsula Humane Society and then share this article on Facebook or Twitter so more people can know about this amazing place. Until next time!

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